Final Blog for Muv

This is my final Blog post covering my completed second life build How it turned out i will be covering four major points throughout  this blog those being

  • How it turned out
  • did it meet the requirements
  • did i meet my goals
  • an overall reflection

How it turned out

Over all i believe the object has the desired effect in that it is definitely uncanny and fits the archetype i was after. unfortunately the actual pieces as a head don’t fit together that well on the final version  due to a lack of precision  from so many linked objects, a peculiarity in the way that linked objects behave with movement scripts and finally me not putting them together very well in the end. in defense of poor placement it was my 8th attempt at attaching all the pieces to my head and was done with the largest linked sets of objects so far.

i’m not sure if it is because objects are changed in some way when attached or that rotation is set in a strange way on rezzing an object to attachment point. the latter can be frustrating as attaching objects to a point starts them at an odd rotation that wasn’t aligned to the axis very well meaning that i had to alternate between touching x y to try get them properly set in the right position.

the change goes every 13 seconds and lasts for 3 seconds and whether  by lag or by some strange quirk of the objects themselves they aren’t synched up which is a happy acccident as i like the look of it more that the simultaneous expansion.

overall i am really happy with how it turned out does that mean its perfect? no could it be executed better? yes. is it a little bit ulgy? yes. Do i think it looks great when its animated? absolutely.  will it look shit to second life veterans probably but i hope they can see the novelty in it and think that at least when its animating it looks cool.

in addition i have the giant head which has more pieces than  the little one as there is a limit to objects one one attachment point that head i think is pretty cool as some kind of animated sculpture and like it in its own way. but its not really the kind of thing you hang on your wall.

Did it meet the requirements

This section will be a check list  so here goes.

    • A minimum of 50 and a maximum of 300 prims used in the construction

yes. mostly meshes. only ten or so meshes used on the core

    • At least three different primitive types (i.e. Sphere, Torus, etc.)

well i have spheres flattened cubes and a lot of meshes

    • At least four different forms of prim manipulation (i.e. Cut, Twist, etc.)

none of those as i achieved tapering twists and cuts  mostly through vertex manipulation

    • The use of different textures and colours throughout the build with consideration given to using appropriate textures, texture repeats, offsets and rotations

not too many as i wanted it to be striking in the difference between the grey and the other textures. the core has 6 textures throughout.

    • At least two different texture manipulations (i.e. Glow, Shininess, etc.)

i have shininess on the center, temporary glow  and transparency.

    • The appropriate use of multiple textures on a prim

this one wasn’t really achieved unless you count the texture switching core i just didnt see a time where it was appropriate. some of the orbiters have blank sides and textures on only the front and back

    • The appropriate scale for purpose both in construction and texture use

i think so. i don’t have much experience i assume you guys can tell me

  • A scripted change in colour

on all sides of the face every 13 seconds

  • A scripted change in texture

on the core of the head

  • The use of at least three textures with transparency

the particles and orbiters are 3 different transparent textures

  • An instance of a prim with Light

the core emits light

  • Prim movement through scripting

every thing but the core moves

  • An appropriate particle system

the core emits energy to make the expansion more dramatic

Did i meet my goals for project

whilst i feel i met most of the goals above this section is more difficult as isa pointed out earlier  in the week  when i asked if i could essentially stop before i was done. my learning goal was a bit of a cop out as i picked a goal that fit the project i wanted to do  rather than the other way around. my first blog said

i want to improve my skills in modelling and navigating and creating within a 3d environment and i think that building a complex organic shape in a restricted development environment. will help with that

now the thing here is i definitely became a better modeller, just not in second life. i feel i have a good understanding of blender now at least at a basic level. and i had to learn a lot about normals and how they work  to load my meshes which was definitely a learning curve. navigating i did in droves both in second life and out so many small pieces flying every where was a hassle for sure and near the end i stopped thinking about what keys i was needing to press to move the view camera and was just pressing them.

now that’s all well and good but i do specifically  mention a restricted environment for 3d development. i did give building in viewer a good go but in the end i don’t think what i was trying to achieve was possible within that time frame or at least not with that schematic. the issue is the low poly face picture i used as refrence was build in 3d modelling software i drew a front view based on that and then tried to make it in SL. the issue is SL building isint for imitating other 3d modeling sofware. its for creating objects for a 3d space.

over all i met the goals i believe but feel like i could definitely have pushed myself earlier and achieved a better final result

Overall reflection

continuing on from above procrastination definitely set in for this but i think in the end i spent 30+ hours in blender and SL trying to get this to work. I think the final result looks good and if i continue in SL this will be my avatar for good (unless i find a nicer suit). i think i have learnt a lot and my view of SL changed i still an not truely part of the community but i can see the sense of happiness/ catharsis from seeing something you built realised in an interactive enviroment.

i have also learnt enough to know i could redo the project in like a 10th of the time knowing what i know now… ah well

cheers guys

harry, obelus toast.



Final Blog for Muv

Textures work

so this week was mostly getting textures and effects working on all of the different aspects  of the  head  first i created a script on an identical timer to expansion script and made it apply transparency change colour and add glow to the object for a short time equal to the expanded time.the change looks like this.

this is pretty dramatic change. i want it to convey energy or perhaps magic through the glow and transparency

i went through a few iterations before deciding on this. then it was time to add the last aspect of the head the core initially the core was going to glow a bright white but that didnt actually stand out that much so i decided to make a change and have a series of textures display onto the core thanks bobbyb  as i used their texture swapping script as a base and made some changes. i don’t have any pictures of this stage as i forgot to take them as it developed but it went like this  a sphere with rotating textures i then added a light on to the sphere to give the impression of energy being constrained inside the head this is shown here.tttt.PNG

then i added a particle emitter script to the core that emits several energy spheres every  second this the script was a simple one that i altered slightly to do what a wanted. the particles launched are textures with transparency  finally i added sets of orbiting energy spheres using two more textures that i recolored in photoshop to try and give the sphere that atom effect. it looks like this

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

this aspect thankfully didnt take as long as the others as it was mostly matching it to my taste rather than a large amount of problem solving. there were a few issues with the scripts but they didnt hold me up for long. that concludes the design of the head.

Textures work

Muv completed headish

a few days ago i got  the head completed  in terms of movement and i think i t looks pretty good it expands pretty well here’s what i did first with all the pieces in place i added a script to move the parts which worked but naturally the same script can not be applied to every item in the head as they wouldn’t move apart from one another. so i copied the script to every other block in the head 53 in total and manually went through and changed the script on every block this took a long time as every change made on a script restarted the script at a different point and so after a time they were out of sync. so i made an alteration to the script telling it to reset on every rez of the object so that they would all be in time on creation. this is also necessary since the scripts were on a counter so they didnt restart their count upon being taken. so i changed every script to have the reset this did mean i had to pick up the entire head periodically so that things didnt get out of hand. this often went fine but there are a lot of objects to pick up so sometimes it would lag and objects would be part way through the script and displaced meaning on replacement they would be out of position and would require manual placement. i spent about 6 hours making the head explode in a way that i thought captured what i wanted

this meets the moving parts requirement of the assessment the face looks a lot tighter in this picture as i spent some time VERY carefully rearranging after isa told me i was taking the easy way out . pretty happy with this.

Muv completed headish

week 4 Muv

this week i made a lot of progress albeit strained progress. i have come to realise that nothing in second life is as easy as it seems and that it generally suffers being a product of its time at least in terms of interaction and the usability of the sim. second life has a huge amount of uses and variety but missed out on the massive push for intuitive design for interactive media in the last decade or at least in my opinion. this week carried on building the objects of the face in blender using the front view of the face as seen below4blendah toim

this is useful as it gives all the components necessary to build the front of a face this main issue is that there is no z axis represented here and the area at the sides of the cheeks and the temple are supposed to have quite a bit of depth.  which is a sense that the image gives. in practice it doesn’t work so well its a useful start in the end i spent another few hours shuffling vertices around so that they made sense in relation to the side view picture something i could use as an exact reference as it did not really match the front view i made from it. so in the end i had to eyeball it and make a general approximation. after i had the general shape i decided that the size of all the shapes was disparate places of high detail would lose the effect when the head “exploded” as you would not be able to track them.

so i merged a lot of the shapes into larger shapes  as you can see in the image above with every orange dot representing roughly the center of every shape. then i made things fit together as close as i could then tried to upload them a complete upload of the face didnt work and so i appended each object to a new file and then exported it individually as a dae file then uploaded each in to secondlife with only one of the files failing . that being the nose tip so i then created a new nose tip out of a cube which didnt take long this solved the problem. i then had a full half of the face which i figured i could mirror  turns out i cant at least not in second life so i needed to mirror it in blender so i did and it turned out like this for reasons i cant explain.capture2

this is not really an issue as i would move them to fit in second life this main issue is that when the objects are mirrored its more accurate to say the object is inverted  and when the object in inverted so are the normals on the object and objects with funky normals cant be uploaded so then the next step was to fix that. unfortunately due to the fact that most of my objects were built out of many objects normals would have to be inverted individually which would take a lot of time so i looked for alternate solutions online and saw that if you export as an .obj file and then import then export as a .dae file then upload it would work. which it did, to a point but the uploaded objects were odd in a difficult way to explain and difficult to look at because the viewer cant really make sense of the way the object is rendered maybe i will upload one for people to look at because a screenshot doesn’t do it justice it needs to viewed  “in person”. anyway outrageous side effects aside i then figured if i just append every flipped object and remake it using a new cube simply matching the vertices then that might actually be faster which it was so i remade the entire left side of the face and uploaded those pieces and they all fit together like a dream…. that was a lie they fit together like crap. not sure why they look good in blender(see pictures) but in second life we get this abomination.bbbbbbbbbbbbb

now a lot of this is sub perfect fitting of things together and also that i feel things imported strangely.

to avoid most of that drama i think i will have the head be two faced and replicate this to the other side this will still give the uncanny character feel that the head was meant for and take a lot less time overall and then i will probably try and add scripts from there


week 4 Muv

Muv Week 3

the week of giving up entirely this week i have decided it would be easier to individually make every shape in a different program than to do it in second life. this will take a bit of extra linden but not too much i don’t think as they are all going tro be very basic shapes with only a minimal amount of poly’s.

this week i tried again to get a few more shapes on the face and had run out of easy ones and tried to get a rather difficult one for some time and couldn’t manage it without two or three overlapping shapes and an incredible amount of time. so i downloaded blender which as shuffled priority’s a little bit as now the most difficult aspect will be uploading all the individual shapes. as such i think i will lower the poly count on some of the more complex parts of the face to save linden and time

4blendah toim

blender has a much more comprehensive set of tools and is free. i am thinking of merging parts of the lips but i am wondering if it is possible to import the entire completed face but second life still recognise all the different objects as separate. because i may have to create it entirely in blender then export each object individually so that i can apply the script to them.


Muv Week 3

weeks one and two for muv

Week on of the assignment was mostly in class i did manage what i had aimed to achieve with it though in that i managed to get the side view i got from the internet and the front one that i created myself put on to planes for the project this was harder than i though it would be

  • I found the actual uploading to secondlife quite simple and user freindly
  •  I found recreating the front of the face quite simple albiet time consuming


  • I found formatting the images for second life in a way that worked to be the most difficult part  but mostly as it took so much time


Week two of the assignment was a completely different puzzle initially i thought this would be a pretty easy project to undertake as my build was a collection of basic prims. what i discovered was that the manipulations one can apply to a prim are extremely limited for example i initially intended to have pyramid shapes as my as the planes of the face but i then learnt that pyramids in second life are actually just cubes tapered on the x and y and that they can’t be tapered on the axis. this issue of only two axis at a time was something i ran into a lot over the course of getting parts of the face down as things such as shear tilting both ends of an object along an axis at once meaning that instead of the six controls that would let you do what you wanted you instead have two very restricted ones. simply the controls are to general inside second life ten sliders cannot accurately define an object of any real complexity let alone some slightly tilted trapezoids like i need. nevertheless i have done quite a bit of work on the face but haven’t really managed some of the more obtuse shapes that need to be implemented not sure if i can manage this in reasonable time.


this is an image of the face so far .




weeks one and two for muv

What Is my project for MuV?

The option you have chosen

I have chosen to do a build for my  MUV project. I feel like i may not spend much time in second life after this course and so i want to build something persistent and add something to the world so temporary things like events are out and because i think it’s unlikely ill be returning to second-life i don’t think making a character or community is a good idea as the character would effectively no longer exist and the community would lose a founder and would probably lose momentum and fade. Machinima is of course out of second life content and also uninteresting to me. which leaves content creation and since i’m not interested in scripting someone else’s content i think a build is the way to go.
I have had an interest in 3d modeling for a few years now and i am exited to expand my knowledge in the area with a project focused on it.

the task and its stated purpose

with the build i wanted to make something that was sufficiently technically difficult to challenge myself.  but also visually appealing enough to be an challenge in terms of aesthetics and design. finally i wanted to make sure the build was interesting enough conceptually and that it worked thematically in the loosest sense with my avatar. with the very strenuous link of my avatars tendency to replace their heads with miscellaneous objects.

inspired by the trope of a character wearing a suit  with an abnormal head. i want to build an unusual head. my idea is for a very low poly face where every plane on the face is actually the base of a pyramid poly extending in to the center of the head the goal being that every plane of the face is an individual primitive should allow for a interesting animations and scripts to be applied to the overall object. with the main goal to have every primitive move away from the center then orbit it.


a clearly defined learning goal that accomplishing the task will help you achieve 

i want to improve my skills in modelling and navigating and creating within a 3d environment and i think that building a complex organic shape in a restricted development environment. will help with that

resources that will guide the task 

This is a series of images that i will be using as refrences during my build.
As such some of these will be used as a background textures to guide the build. there was an image here once



What skills/knowledge you are going to need that you  have /don’t have

i have a pretty good understanding of builing objects in 3d space and know the basics of how they can come together to form a face. I am also confident that i will be able to do the scripting needed for my project with relative ease .

in terms of what i dont have im not sure i will be able to use the secondlife 3d editor efficiently and im not sure about some more complex scripting but im sure this wil come together once i have more experience and know the limitations of the systems.

A rough timeline for your assignment

Week 1: this is gathering resources and finalising design and the level of complexity i will start sketching the head

week 2: at this point all prim’s positions will be confirmed and i can draw the high end refrence material for the build itself

week 3: start work on the front of the head and the high detail area’s of the head Eye’s nose and mouth.

week 4 : work on the rest of the head and clean up all the details and things that didnt come through well.

week 5 :start applying scripts to all the different prims of the head

week 6: pray that i can be finished in this time fix every thing that is wrong hope for the best.

Which platform will you use

i will be using second life to build this object

Questions you need answers to, if any  – from

not at this moment may need more help later.



What Is my project for MuV?